Tanner’s Story

Tanner was only five years old when he started to get bullied at school. If you didn’t think bullying started that early, you couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe we shouldn’t call it bullying either. Often, bullying is just a nicer way of saying abusing. 

At first, I thought that maybe 25 small children was just too much for one teacher to handle and that my son was just accident prone, but Tanner’s entire attitude changed when he started Kindergarten

Instead of the happy-go-lucky baby boy who was so excited to go to school and make friends, we began to see him start to regress. He no longer would wake up excited and happy. He was difficult in the mornings and even started to wet the bed again after having been potty trained for almost two years. 

One day, he came home from school with a huge bruise on his arm. It didn’t look like a hand print or anything discernible, and his excuse was that he had fallen onto a rock off of the playscape during recess. We took him at his word, but made sure to speak to the teacher about what was going on. No matter how much she tried to brush it off, we knew there had to be something more going on at school.

Finally, enough was enough, and we actually sent him to school with one of those nanny cams that was disguised as a stuffed animal. We had him bring him in for show and tell one morning so it wouldn’t be as conspicuous. His father and I just had to know what was going on inside of that classroom.

It was far worse than we could have imagined. It turned out that it was the teacher who was abusing our son! And, it wasn’t just Tanner! She was abusing every single student in her classroom from what we could see. The bruise on his arm was from a stapler she threw at him when he spoke without raising his hand. That’s right, a STAPLER!

The second we saw the footage we were on the phone with our lawyer, filing an injury claim against the school, the teacher, the superintendent, and anyone else who allowed this monster to be hired in an elementary school. It was comforting that as soon as the teacher was arrested, we got our Tanner back, and we were proud to have taken matters into our own hands when it came to the safety of our son. 

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