Stop Bullying, Ma

If you have stumbled across this blog, chances are, you have been struggling with bullying in some form or another. Usually, readers’ children are being bullied and they are looking for answers about how to help their kids cope, what legal action is available to them, and the stories of those who have been bullied and have overcome the experience.

Susie’s Story

I’m Jennifer Drapeland, the owner of this blog, and I want to wish you a warm welcome to my website. My daughter, Susie, was 11 years old when I first discovered that she was being bullied. I remember thinking to myself that the cattiness of young girls wasn’t supposed to start until she was at least in high school, and I far underestimated the extent that these girls would go to make sure my daughter was miserable every day. 

With the rise of social media and smartphones, it seemed like no matter what we did, this one particular group of girls at her middle school was relentless, and would go to great lengths to belittle and dehumanize my daughter. It started off with name calling: “Slut,” “Bitch,” “Fugly,” and worse. We tried talking to the school and the girls’ parents to no avail. 

Once the girls began to physically assault my daughter during recess, at lunchtime, and in the bathroom, I knew the time for talking was over, and her father and I were going to take action. We met with the superintendent of the school district who told us that “Kids will be kids.”

We demanded he take action, and when he didn’t, we went to the press. We showed our local news station all the text messages and social media posts, told them the stories of these bullies shoving my daughter, pushing her down the stairs, and beating her in the school bathroom. It was only then that the superintendent took notice. Each of the bullies got a three-day suspension, if you can believe it. 

The school implemented a “strict” no-bullying policy, but after all that Susie had been through, she asked to be homeschooled and we obliged. She thrived going to co-ops, STEM, and dance classes without having to worry that someone was going to degrade her. 

About Stop Bullying, Ma

If you are interested in learning more about my daughter’s bullying experience, you can go through my archives, as this is how this blog began. It was difficult for me, as her mother, to go through as well because I wanted to be my daughter’s advocate, but was constantly being faced with people telling me I was overreacting. I knew that I wasn’t, and it helped to get my feelings about what was happening out. Maybe my experience could help someone else!

I began receiving stories from moms just like me who had been through similar experiences. Some described how they handled the bullying, while others told devastating stories about what they would do different if their child hadn’t been able to cope with the tormenting anymore. 

With the permission of these mamas, I have been sharing their stories ever since, and have started advocating for legislation in all 50 states that would make bullying illegal. Something has to be done, and by coming together, we can help our children overcome this obstacle, and ensure that these bullies are held responsible for their actions.